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First Time at Our Church?
I want to thank you for stopping by to visit our website.  My name is Don Stackpole. I am the interim pastor here at Calvary, and honored to be so.  My primary desire is to make much of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in all of our services.  We live in a world cursed by sin and, as a result, people are hurting and experiencing problems of considerable multitude and magnitude.  We at Calvary believe and know, both by biblical conviction and by personal experience that The Lord Jesus is the only answer to life’s difficulties.  We are an independent Baptist church, and by that I mean that we are free from any governing body that oversees our activities.  We preach and teach from the King James Bible because, while none of us here are experts in the field of the Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic, we know and believe that the God we serve is capable of PRESERVING a Bible for the English speaking people that is entirely free from error of any kind.  We believe that the King James Bible IS that Bible.  We teach that the only way to Heaven is to receive the gift of God in repentance of sin and trust in the Blood Atonement Christ made for us on the cross of Calvary.  Anything that would add to or subtract from Christ and Him alone is not sufficient and a reproach to The Son of God.
Williston, North Dakota is unique to the rest of our great nation.  Jobs abound here and for that reason, many are relocating to Williston in order to provide for their families.  Many of those who’ve passed through the doors here at Calvary are transplants from elsewhere and understandably so.  This town is one in a constant state of transition, as the influx of people has caused an enormous spike in population and a resultant housing boom, accompanied by seemingly endless construction as the town makes every effort to accommodate the increase.  If you’re planning on moving to Williston, we’d love to meet you and have the opportunity to minister the things of God to you while you’re here.  If there is anything we can do to be of help to you, whether you’re native to the area or new to it, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help in whatever way we can.  Thank you again for your visit to our website.  I hope God blesses your day and your future real well.